IP Update 01/06

01/06/2023 13:30 01/06/2023 14:30 (Europe/Brussels)

Join Sophie Lens and Nicolas Clarembeaux on 1st June for a (virtual) lunch (or a coffee break if you have already had an early lunch), to find out, among other things: 

  • the conditions under which your company is allowed to refer to third party marks or to what extent your company may oppose the referential use of its own marks 

  • the sometimes-blurry boundaries between ‘honest practices’ in commercial matters and ‘unfair practices’, as well as the impact it may have on product development and advertising campaigns

  • some limits that should not be crossed when using humour in commercial communications

  • some points for attention when your company develops a new trade dress for its products or seeks to protect goodwill vested in ‘look & feel’ features

  • the conditions under which environmental claims can be made or challenged

This webinar will be in English and has been accredited with 1 point by the IBJ/IJE.

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