EMPLOYMENT WEBINAR | Telework 2.0 – The New Normal?

17/06/2021 12:30 17/06/2021 14:00 (Europe/Brussels)


In many companies, the mandatory Covid-19 telework opened the way for implementing a structural telework policy. Reduced office spaces, the home office as the new and regular place of work, and a virtual working environment are all characterising the telework revolution that has been taking place over the past months. What are the latest trends and developments? What are the (legal) pitfalls employers are encountering when implementing a telework policy? What are employers’ obligations concerning well-being? How does an employer keep its employees on-board and how does it keep them connected? 

During this webinar we will discuss some legal and practical telework-related questions that employers and HR-managers have to cope with today. We also welcome Ms Valérie Vervliet, Advisor in the Department Regulations Well-being at Work, part of the General Direction Humanisering van de Arbeid/ Direction Générale Humanisation du Travail of the Employment Ministry and Mr Thomas Hagenaers, Regional HR Leader EMEAI, Ascend, who will share some best practices and their own experiences.

ALTIUS’ employment lawyers, Esther Soetens, Emma Van Caenegem and Mathilde de Foestraets, will discuss this topic from an employment law perspective, whilst experts, Ms Valérie Vervliet and Mr Thomas Hagenaers, will share their expertise and experiences from the field.   

The questions that will be dealt with during this webinar will include:

·        Are employees entitled to teleworking from home? Can they refuse? Can they be obliged?

·        Do I need to reimburse my employees’ ink cartridges when they are working from home? Do I need to reimburse their internet connection?

·        Do I have to provide my employees with ergonomic chairs and second screens?

·        What should I do to ensure a safe work environment at home?  Do I have to provide a first aid kit to every employee with a home office?

·        What should I do to avoid my employees from being isolated or suffering from burn-out?

·        Are my employees free to choose when they will perform their working hours when they are working at home? Can I impose any limitations?

·        Can my employees invoke a right to be disconnected?

·        What if an employee wishes to work from a second residence abroad? Does the employer need to accept? What is the impact of that?

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