EMPLOYMENT WEBINAR | Help! I want to dismiss my employee

30/09/2021 12:30 30/09/2021 14:00 (Europe/Brussels)


ALTIUS employment lawyers, Philippe De Wulf and Astrid Caporali, will present selected topics and new developments by going step-by-step through an HR-professional’s typical thought-process when considering dismissing someone.

The webinar will be presented in Dutch and French.

This webinar’s topics include:

·        Which start date do I need to take into account? What about (international) group mobility: does this count for the length of service to be taken into account?

·        What to do with a notice clause included in my pre-2014 employment contracts?

·        Which (monthly) salary do I take into account when someone is on time-credit or parental leave?

·        What about bonuses, stock options, RSUs or other equity-based incentives? Do I have to include these in the reference salary for the indemnity in lieu of notice and which amount must I take into account?

·        What is the latest case law in evaluating a company car benefit?

·        Do I have to motivate a dismissal twice if I first serve notice and then terminate the contract with immediate effect? What about the outplacement offer?

·        Plus much more… 


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